Welcome to the Netherlands HHOF. The project started officially on 1 January 2018. Please check in again soon for more news.


The Netherlands Ice Hockey Federation was founded in 1933 as a three team league with The Hague, Amsterdam and Tilburg. It joined the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) in 1935.

Dutch Players in the NHL

There have been 3 Dutch-born players to play in the National Hockey League; Ed Kea (1973-74 to 1982-83), Ed Beers (1981-82 to 1985-86) and Daniel Sprong (2015-present) who was also the country’s first ever NHL draftee.

Our Project

Launched in January 2018, Netherlands HHOF exists in order to honour and preserve the history of the game of ice hockey, and in particular, those who have made outstanding contributions and achievements in the development of the game.

Information & Contributions

For more information or to make contributions to our project, you can contact us on info@hhof.nl.